You feel like the day that your baby will arrive cannot get here soon enough and then, before you know it, your pregnancy experience is over.  How will you remember all of the miraculous little details?  Those fluttering kicks and tumbling rolls, the glow in your skin and the joy in your smile, the way everyone in your life looks at you in that special way.  A maternity portrait session is the perfect way to capture all of the wonder and preserve it forever.

Maternity Portrait Sessions can be booked either in our in home studio or we can bring the studio to you.  Location shoots are also beautiful using nature as our backdrop.  Your significant other is encouraged to jump into the portraits with you and be part of the experience!  Siblings are welcome as well however the focus of a maternity session is always that beautiful belly. Maternity portrait sessions are ideally scheduled between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy, but can be scheduled all the way up until your due date.

Maternity and Newborn Portrait Sessions can be purchased as a gift for the expectant mother.  Gift certificates are a thoughtful shower gift that the mother-to-be will cherish for a lifetime.  Please inquire about the purchasing a session for your mother-to-be.



 A love you've never known.  At every newborn session we feel we are documenting a little miracle.

You have waited months for your little one to arrive.  Then, those first few weeks of your baby’s life go by in a blur.  You will never have those beloved moments again, yet in the years to come it will be those very moments that you will try to relive.  The way they look so small in your arms or curl up perfectly in your neck, their tiny little toes, and the gentle way that they breathe.

Newborn portraits are a perfect way to capture all of the details of this special time and cherish them for years to come. With both of us being Pediatric Critical Care Nurses we are intimately familiar with your new arrivals needs and wants.

We know that getting out of the house with a new baby and a tired mommy is not easy.  We believe that the quality of portrait you receive is directly proportional to your ability to relax and enjoy the experience.  That is why our experience is different from many others.

Newborn portrait sessions are created in your warm home environment where tired new parents can relax, put their feet up, have a snack, and enjoy watching their little one make their big debut.  They are typically 2-3 hour sessions because we schedule plenty of time for nursing, changing, and cuddling between shots.  We always book 4 hours for newborns so that we have plenty of extra time.  We know mom is recovering too and we want everyone to feel completely comfortable and never rushed for the best possible portraits. 

The most precious time to photograph a newborn is between 5-14 days of life.  During this time babies will usually retain some of the natural curl from when they were in mommy's tummy.  Newborn babies are also more sleepy and pliable for the most desired poses.  Your curling, sleeping newborn will make for the most memorable and meaningful photographs.  At two weeks newborns usually hit a growth spurt and much of the session is spent feeding rather than taking pictures so ideally we try to schedule the shoot before the baby is 2 weeks old.

Unfortunately, the first two weeks after your baby is born are the ones that go by in a flash!  For this reason, we really encourage expectant parents or relatives to contact us ahead of time about a newborn session.

Newborn sessions are generally booked 1-2 months in advance but moms are now calling as soon as they find out they are expecting!  Unfortunately newborn sessions are difficult to schedule after the baby is born.  We have a strict rule to do a maximum of 2 photography bookings per week which frequently fill up very quickly.  This allows us to get photos back to clients much quicker than most photographers.  We also get excited about our little fingers and toes shoots so we want you to have your photos as soon as possible.


The Cake Smash!

It's the quintessential 1st birthday shot... your baby's first bite of cake!  Let them have a ball eating up their very own specially made birthday cake.  First birthday portrait sessions are progressions of traditional 12 months portraits, candid shots of your child playing, and then topped off with the ultimate cake smash!  Clients love using these photos for custom first birthday invitations, or thank you cards for 1st birthday gifts.  The Cake Smash session is a hysterical way to celebrate baby leaving babyhood in style!

Our clients are looking for something different than the typical department store portrait for their family, and we enjoy providing a fun, relaxed, and memorable experience that will capture the personality that is unique to each family member. 

No pressure to get the perfect shot, dragging your children to the mall during nap time, no waiting in line, and no forced smiles!  Our goal is to get a great image of your child where your child is comfortable and where they are free to laugh and play.  We like to give people, especially children, plenty of time to warm up to us and get used to the camera.  During children and family portrait sessions we take a mixture of formal and candid shots.  We capture all of the little details.  Sessions are spontaneous, relaxed, and fun!  Many clients tell us that they have fond memories of the session itself.  Family and child portrait sessions are usually shot on location in the Triangle area.  We have several places we use regularly, but we enjoy going to those places that are special to you.

The result is fine art photographs that you will treasure forever.  While custom photography is not for everyone, our clients appreciate the individual attention to detail that we are able to give them and the resulting quality of the images we are able to capture together.



Couple, engagement, senior and bridal portraits are some of our favorite sessions.  They are relaxed, spontaneous, intimate, and quirky!  Your job is to show up and have fun.  You won't even notice we are there.  Like all portrait sessions we will do a mixture of formal and candid shots in a location that is special to you as a couple.  There is always plenty of laughter.  In the end you have a beautiful keepsake that has captured your personality, your spirit, and your love, forever.


The Boudoir

This sort of private portraiture is generally especially for women.  Boudoir photography makes for a beautiful wedding, anniversary, or valentine’s gift.  Boudoir sessions are premium portrait sessions that create amazing portraits for that special someones eyes only, but most of our client's say that it turned out to be more for them!